The Plano Lacrosse Association (PLA) was established in 1991 and has been one of the most successful High School Club Lacrosse programs in the State of Texas. PLA added a Youth Feeder Program in 2010 to assist in developing players for the High School Te

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Change Team: 
August 23rd, 2018
High School
Coach Ward
The fall season is here and it’s  time to get used to having a busy schedule again. Since the fall is technically “off-season” I know there will be absences due to fall sports, family matters, academics etc. With that being said I want to reiterate the communication focus I have with my players. If you are not going to make a practice or game (including being late) it is the players responsibility to let me know. I’m going to include my cell number, and my email below so you can all save it in your phone. There is no excuse to not let me know ahead of time with how quick and easy it is write an email or a text. 
The schedule will be set very soon but it is looking like Sunday afternoons 3pm-5pm and a mix of Tuesday-Thursday in the late evening. My ask is to schedule around these days and times as much as possible. I understand some UIL events cannot be changed, but last minute dinners and social events are not an acceptable reason to leave your teammates without numbers for a game or practice. Exact dates and times to come.
This fall should be a lot of fun with the scrimmages we are getting set as well as the play days we are planning. That means we will get a lot of great play time before January hits. Being at practice this fall will only better your growth and ability to perform in the games/scrimmages. 

Additional Reminders from early news:

1) We have a set uniform for practices. I will be expanding it to give the players a little flexibility. You will have two options this year: Gray or Maroon shorts, with White or Gray Shirts. All players must have the team practice pinny by the first day of practice. These can be purchased at Team Lax. Players wearing anything but the above specified items at practice will be held accountable…along with their teammates. Do not be the guy who makes the whole team run because you wore blue shorts to practice.

2) Get your own email. Parents are not responsible for communicating to me, YOU are. If you are sick, plan to be late, have a family issue, the PLAYER should be communicating this.

3) Restring your heads and get new equipment if things are broken or cracked. Do not start the year off with 5 year old mesh and a cracked head.

4) For the incoming freshman. Remove all youth based stickers. Do not wear youth jerseys to HS practice. Get the proper size and color equipment. We wear WHITE. White gloves, white cleats, and white helmets (with maroon chin). All is available to Team Lax or Lax Kong (Or online). There will be an appendix in my Lacrosse Constitution upon enrollment. There are more specifics detailed there. However, If you have any questions email Coach Ward at   or

Finally, every starting position on varsity is open at this point. Those who come back in shape, prepared, and ready to play…will. Those who decided to take the summer off will not be rewarded for such.

I’m excited to get to work, I hope you all are too. 


Coach Ward
Head Coach High School
7/8th Grade Plano Lacrosse
Coach McClendon 


Who's ready to play some lacrosse?!
To the parents, I hope that y'all enjoyed your vacations, and got the rest that y'all deserve. To the players, I'm sure we all made some sort of effort to stay active over the Summer, either with lacrosse or another sport or activity. I am beyond excited to see everyone when we get Plano Youth Lax Fall Ball started next Tuesday! We have seen a few fresh faces at the New Player Clinics over the last few weeks; I can't wait 'til we get padded up and knock the rust off of the sticks. I look forward to bragging even more about the players, as we recognize more players for hitting milestones on their way to 10K wallball reps!
The Fall is a critically important time to lay a foundation for a fun, safe, and successful Spring season, and we take our first step as a program, this coming Tuesday
Joshua A. McClendon
Head Coach, 7th/8th Grade Plano Lacrosse